Onlinea Game Server

Server Philosophy

Motto: We meet here, we live in real world!
We do it to meet friends online! For connecting people thru friendly gaming experience.
From newbies to masters. Play free. Watch and have fun. Single or with whole family.
From any device with web browser supporting html5 and javascript.
Pc, Mac, laptop, netbook, iPad, tablet or even smartphone. From any operating system. Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, Chrome OS.
Virtual reality suppose to be extension of standard comunication space, no more, no less.
Meet friends over the real board always You can.

Bughouse Chess

Just get a partner, opponents, sit to a table and play! Or you can even play on both boards.

Rated Games (Main)

Many virtual double chess tables with digital clocks, delay (bronstein) time control, sounds, partner buttons, several board appearances, autopromote options, ELO rating statistics, BPGN game record with ptells, and more. For example wild and fischer random start positions or load any Yours to play bughouse or single board chess from. Unique Time lag solution (with delay 0 or bigger) implemented complete lag compensator with optional lag buffer for two boards bughouse chess! Now LAG (time lost when move is traveling thru internet) will not damage the game, but only slow down ...


Simple Server stable version
(virtual online room with 100 tables, each with 2 boards and 2 digital clocks, for bughouse, crazyhouse, blitz or standard slow chess, You can also upload BPGN and analyze - last stable version).


Server development/previous version.

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